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Vehicle AssemblyLayout-Detail is a company that provides layout and details for all types of systems.  Our engineering design solutions and layout-detailing services are available to a variety of different industries, including, but not limited to, automotive, military, and aerospace. Layout-Detail complements the products and services provided by our parent companies.

Using your specifications, our skilled engineer design team provides automotive layout-detail services, military layout-detail services, and aerospace layout-detail services to the corresponding industries requesting our engineering design solutions. Typically, all that is required is a single meeting and a template for us to start your project. When you require any services from our company, make sure you contact us right away.

Our team is ready to provide you and your project with a firm quote. We can evaluate the job based on your cost to see if it fits into each other’s budget, or we can quote you a time and material rate. Here at Layout-Detail, we believe in supporting the United States of America, and have experienced personnel on staff to give you a great price without sending your project overseas.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Goal

The team at our engineering design firm came together with the goal of providing exceptional layout-detailing services to our clients. Although we initially formed in 2008, our team is not new to working on specialized projects. Our core team members have been a staple in this industry for more than 25 years, creating a group which is very adaptive to the ever changing cycles of industry.

The goal of Layout-Detail is to transform the current business practices for the better. Overseas outsourcing should be seen as an option, but not the solution. The talented people of the United States of America have pioneered this industry. Our knowledge is vast, and our family ties are rich with tradition. This being said, we plan on changing the current stale business model. Cultivating change is necessary in the current world economy, and that is the primary goal of Layout-Detail. We believe the security of this industry lies in the hands of the people who pioneered it so many years ago.

The Past, Present, & Future of Layout-Detailing Services

Layout-Detail specializes in helping support your team with no layover time. How do we accomplish this? We utilize our onsite staff along with local, reputable contractors. Local youths from our high schools and colleges, trained in various CAD software, will also be recruited in order to continue to build a foundation for the future for this industry.

With years of knowledge behind us, our staff is able to educate all of the people we bring in. This allows for our services to grow, as we guide them in the way Layout-Detail believes this business is supposed to operate.

Existing clients have expressed, on many occasions, the realized benefits from working with Layout-Detail.


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