We specialize in the Layout - Detail of all fixtures for automotive, military and areospace, based upon your or your customers' specifications. All that is needed is a little direction and a template to start your project. We can firm quote your project, we can evaluate the job based on your cost to see if it fits into each other's budget, or we can quote you a time and material rate. Here at Layout - Detail, we believe in supporting the U.S.A, and have many experienced personnel on staff to give you a great price without sending your project overseas.


Layout - Detail, LLC is a new company built around service. With many years of dedicated service in this industry, Layout - Detail is only new in assembling this team. In fact we have been a staple in this industry for more than 25 years, so we have seen and felt the cycles, the many highs and as we're currently seeing, the lows. Layout - Detail is here to change the business as you see it today. The overseas outsourcing must be looked at as an option, not the solution. The talented people of The United States have pioneered this industry, our knowledge is vast and our family ties are rich with tradition. This being said we plan on changing the current stale business model, for change is what is necessary in order to compete on the big stage, and that is what we are going to do. We believe the security of this industry lies in the hands of the people who pioneered this industry many years ago.


Layout - Detail, LLC is specialized in helping support your team with no layover time, how you might ask? By using our people along with a select group of local talent looking to help fill the voids and needs with local companies along with the utilization of out of work contractors under our guidance and structure looking to keep their name in the game. Local youths from our high schools and colleges trained in various CAD softwares will also be used in order to continue to build a foundation for the future for this industry with our years of knowledge to teach and show them the way this business is suppose to be operated, and this will help the students hit the ground running when the industry finally makes it back. We along with you will be able to turn to each other by using a chosen group to help facilitate the needs of you the customer.